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OHS and Social Compliance

OHS and Social Compliance

Workplace Air Quality, Dust, Noise, Light, Temperature and Humidity Monitoring OHS Consultancy

Can provide personal monitoring of employees to assess exposure of specific air quality constituents for regulatory compliance purposes. We can also perform Personal Exposure Limit (PEL), Time Weighted Average (TWA), and Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL) monitoring and assessments and develop Environmental Health & Safety and Chemical Hygiene plans.

  • Oxygen Level
  • Carbon dioxide Level
  • Temperature and Humidity Level
  • Noise Level
  • Total Hydrocarbon Level

•    Electrical & Fire Safety Audit

•    Occupational Health and Safety Audit

•    Social Compliance Consultancy and Audit

•    Ergonomics Assessment

•    Chemical Hazards and Risk Assessment

•    OHS Management (OHSAS 18001)


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